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Canine Flea and Tick Blend

Canine Flea and Tick Blend

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Protect your furry friend with our Canine Flea and Tick Blend. Simply shake well and apply to your dog's coat, collar, or bandanna. With a refreshing scent and no oily residue, this blend will keep pests away while you and your pup enjoy the great outdoors. Awarded "fave find of 2015" by Modern Dog Magazine. Use daily to keep your dog happy and bug-free.

How it works--it melts the waxy outer covering of the flea's body and instantly kills it. same with ticks. If you use this in conjunction with our diatomaceous earth (the flea/tick

"bundle"), the d.e. also penetrates the exoskeletons of fleas, ticks, and other flying insects like little shards of glass and kills them!

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