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Take Me To Pawridise - Drink Mix For Dogs

Take Me To Pawridise - Drink Mix For Dogs

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Take Me to Pawridise Drink Mix is a puppy pina colada packed with tropical flavors of pineapple, coconut, dragon fruit, and extra nutrients curated just for your pup’s health. Mix with any liquid your pup loves, we recommend warmed bone broth! The perfect treat to spread into a nose work toy or freeze on a lick mat! The goat milk in this drink mix is formulated with probiotics to help your pup’s gut health! We’ve added turmeric in as well for anti-inflammatory benefits. As well as lots of cancer-fighting antioxidants from the berries! Ingredients: Goat milk powder, coconut milk powder, pineapple powder, freeze-dried dragon fruit, turmeric, and vanilla bean powder.

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